Behavioral Coaching and Growth

Rising Strides is dedicated to the growth of individuals who struggle with self deprecating thoughts and behaviors. Through cognitive behavioral coaching and emotional intelligence methods, we help you to gain insight and work through those and learn how to become your own coach.

Areas we focus on:

  • Addiction

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Leadership skills

  • Coping Skills

  • Motivation and Resilience

  • Self management

  • Self awareness


Our son has anxiety. He was struggling with attending school and would cry frequently. When he attends a session with Shauna, his shoulders lower and you can visibly see the anxiety and tension leave his little body. Shauna is compassionate, patient, and flexible. Our son is always so happy to see her because of her ability to connect with him. We highly recommend Rising Strides! - Carrie Hunter

I have been battling anxiety and depression issues for years and I'm getting better every day. Because I love animals, my therapist recommended that I spend time taking care of horses because they're big like me and they don't judge. I love being around them as they really calm me down and I can just love them. At Rising Strides, I learned to groom the horses, clean up after them and even ride them on occasion and Shauna is fun to talk to.- Nate Frauman

Shauna has been amazing with Brooke, my 23 year old adult daughter with autism and anxiety. Within minutes of them meeting for the first time, Shauna knew the best way to communicate with Brooke. She just innately understood what would make Brooke less anxious, and Brooke immediately felt comfortable, something that could take months or years to happen with  most people.  -Hilary Kershberg

Morgan has had such a great experience with Rising Strides. She loves her time with the horses and is so proud of herself with each new accomplishment. - Ashley Pixley

Getting back into horsemanship after a thirty-plus year hiatus proved to be more challenging than I expected. Shortly after the purchase of my horse, I found that my initial excitement began dissolving into growing anxieties and fears that seemed to come out of nowhere. And riding became a serious intimidation for me rather than a delight. I became very discouraged. Through the amazing community of support I’m surrounded by where I board my horse, Shauna was recommended as someone whose nurturing training methods could help me use my crisis as a springboard for personal growth; for overcoming fear and anxiety while developing self confidence, skills, and new grace-filled perspective toward self, horsemanship, others, and life. Training with Shauna has helped me to see and experience how transforming a life with horses can be, and how that transformation sweetly spills over into all areas of my life. -Medina Fenger